Publications, gigs, and general excitement

First, let me say it’s been an absolute pleasure performing in Oxford recently – at the Lashings panto, and then again at ‘Gender Rebels!’, a rape crisis fundraiser/cabaret organised by some old friends. I hear Gender Rebels raised over £350 for Rape Crisis Oxford – yay! I’m a little overwhelmed that I seem to be really developing an Oxford fan base: thank you all so much, and it’s been great meeting you. Gender Rebels was something of an impromptu gig for me and I don’t have anything specific lined up for a while, but I’m sure something will pop up again soon. 🙂

Secondly – issue 1 of False Moustache is now in print, and available to buy from Etsy. It has my poem ‘She Was’ (along with critical commentary from the editor) and an article by me about fairy tales.

Also on the note of publication, my poem ‘Hair’ has been accepted for issue 7 of Stone Telling, and I’m thrilled. 😀

Finally, I’ve made a few tweaks to the design of this blog, namely a new header image of the woods near my home. That’s all for now – time for me to go huddle under a blanket and drink Lemsip until my cold goes away!


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