Exciting news – the Rhysling Awards!

Yesterday afternoon I was told over Twitter by Rose Lemberg – editor of Stone Telling and Moment of Change – that my poem ‘Hair’, which was first published in Stone Telling‘s seventh issue, has been nominated for a Rhysling Award.

This was a lovely surprise, especially on a day where I was feeling rather low. I am now positively gleeful.

According the site, the Rhysling Awards have been running since 1978. All nominated poems are reprinted in an anthology – so I expect I’ll be contacted about this at some point – which showcases all the poems before the final vote. The winning poems are then reprinted in The Nebula Awards Anthology for that year. The list of nominees is here, and it looks like nominations are still open, so I’m excited to see who else gets nominated – there are already quite a few names I recognise on there!

This has definitely strengthened my resolution to submit more of my poetry for publication this year: just a few days ago I was making a note of upcoming deadlines, and this exciting recognition of one of my few published works has reminded me how amazing it feels to know that something I’ve written is making a connection with strangers across the world. I’ll be spending this evening looking up more magazines and anthologies, then…


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