Another fairy tale – “The Girl and the Mermaid”

Yesterday evening I wrote another story for the collection of fairy tales I’m putting together. I am inordinately proud of it.

It’s called “The Girl and the Mermaid”, and it leapt into my mind almost fully-formed. I wrote it all in go, and although there’s going to be a little bit of polishing, it’s pretty much complete. I’ve shown it to a few people so far and I’m really pleased with the reaction.

I love it when writing feels like that – the way the words simply fall out onto the page, because everything just works and it’s more like describing something that’s already there. As in the quote attributed to Michelangelo all over the internet – “I saw the angel in the marble and I carved til I set him free”.*

So… I guess I’d like to express a strange sort of gratitude to the various illnesses and circumstances that conspired to leave me at a loose end yesterday evening; and a very definite gratitude to CN Lester and Tori Truslow, for all the discussion of mermaids that made this story click into place in the way it did.

And just now, on a walk around the village (before the sun goes down and it becomes very definitely too cold for me to go out while sick instead of just probably too cold) – the seeds of another story for the collection started germinating. I feel proud and excited and a little bit scared – but writing regularly again is a wonderful, wonderful feeling. (And walking through the village in the sun without any electronic distractions is something I need to do more often. Walking and listening to the rhythm of my feet and the small sounds of the world around me seems to feed my ability and desire to think and write: and on that topic, I’d like to recommend Rebecca Solnit’s incredible book Wanderlust to everyone reading this. Mostly because the last time I recommended it to everyone was a few years ago now – so, yes, stop whatever you’re doing and go read Wanderlust. 😉 It’s nominally ‘a history of walking’ but it’s so, so much more than that.)

So – more writing. The collection is taking shape. And I can’t wait to read “The Girl and the Mermaid” aloud somewhere.

*I hate quoting without a proper source – so yes, I did go looking for the original, and found this.


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