Gig: March 23rd, London, The Feminist Library

In brief: I shall be performing a poetry set at the Feminist Library’s spoken word night on Saturday 23rd, at the Library itself (very near Waterloo station)!

Unless you happened to be at the NUS Women’s Conference the other week, my last live poetry performance was October. Having at last (hopefully) recovered from the last vestiges of my frustratingly-lingering illness, I’m aiming to get back into the live poetry scene as much as I can. (And I’m very pleased that shortly after making this resolution, I was invited to perform at this night and  this Thursday’s “Human Writes!” slam in aid of English PEN – unfortunately I can’t make the latter because I’m conferencing in Oxford until the evening, but if you’re able to be in East London on Thursday then it promises to be an excellent night.)

I’m excited to be performing again. I’m bringing out the loud, angry, feminist stuff – so unless there’s a clamour for them, don’t expect any of the more meditative things, or the translations… “Gender Rubble” will almost certainly appear, as will the latest version of a never-before-performed poem about words and rebellion.

Oh – and if you’re in Oxford this Monday, I’m planning to be at Hear the Word. Undecided on whether I’ll perform or not, but I’m looking forward to it either way!

More detailed updates coming soon – a write-up of NUS Women’s Conference, and some thoughts about fairytales (both in general, and with regards to my own project).

P.S. Another amazing event to which I (very sadly) can’t make it is happening TOMORROW: exciting feminist performance event including Rebecca Morden of Scary Little Girls, whose work I have loved for something like 4 years now. Go, go, go – and then tell me about how it went!


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