A sonnet for queer musicians

I first wrote this sonnet after seeing CN Lester perform classical music at King’s College Chapel. Last night I saw The Fourth Choir – an LGBT chamber choir – perform there. As a queer former King’s College student who had a few unpleasant experiences with KCL’s religious elements, seeing the chapel become a space that gave a platform to LGBT musicians was wonderful. So. Here is a sonnet – traditional but heartfelt.

It’s time. The audience anticipates
your fingers on the burnished keys: and more,
they crave the silver sound your throat creates
and sets to dance across the chapel floor –

where, growing golden, it ascends and spills
until the rafters and the song within you
are woven as one thing that thrums and thrills.
Can such a sound be made by flesh and sinew?

By stars and spheres is music surely made,
not spittle, bone, and base embodiments.
But this is human, blazing and displayed
in its perfection drawn from diligence.

And when such songs are hammered from the heart
then this, we know, is music: this is art.


King's College Chapel, taken from thefourthchoir.com

King’s College Chapel, taken from thefourthchoir.com


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