100 poems in a day for Refuge – please donate!

THE SHORT VERSION: On the 15th of August 2014, I will be attempting to write 100 poems in a day, to raise money for Refuge. Sponsor me here. Domestic violence services are facing cuts and it’s vital that they can continue their work. I’m joining Claire Trévien, Tori Truslow, and Cat Conway in this endeavour – follow our team here! – and we’re aiming to raise over £2,500. So please, even if you can’t donate, consider signal-boosting this post in case someone else might?

I’ll be writing the poetry on postcards, which will be posted my shiny new Tumblr poetry-postcards so I can update frequently without burying everything on my main blog. Feel free to send me writing prompts! If you donate, I will make absolutely certain your prompt gets written – AND I’ll send you your choice of postcard by snail-mail.

THE LONGER VERSION: I’m taking a moment to remind you, dear readers, that the day after I come back from the Edinburgh Fringe, I will be attempting to write ONE HUNDRED POEMS. One hundred poems in a day. That’s the 15th. Which, as you probably know, is VERY SOON. And I’m doing it to raise money for Refuge, because they work they do in supporting victims/survivors of domestic violence is really important. So far I’ve hit £130, and I am immensely grateful to all the generous folk who have donated so far, but – but, but, but – I am aiming for £1000. 100 poems and 1000 pounds both seem impossibly distant, but you know I love a challenge to throw myself bodily against, so please, if you can spare the money, donate some. And if you can’t spare the money, then donate something else – a prompt, an ideal, a potential title, a picture you want a poem telling the story behind… anything. And I may well write about it.

If you want to make sure I write your prompt, throw me some money. If you want one of the postcard poems, throw me some money. Remember: if you like my poetry, this is your chance to have a poem written JUST FOR YOU. On a postcard. And then sent to your actual home through the actual post. It’ll be just like the Elizabethan era – poetry, ON DEMAND. Okay, I’ll be Shakespeare, you can be the Earl of Southampton or Sussex or something. Give me money and I’ll give you art. Possibly very caffeine-rich, sleep-deprived art. And then I’ll give said money to people who need it an awful lot more than me. Isn’t this basically the perfect deal? (Well, probably not, but hopefully it’s at least quite good.)

Thank you so much reading – please pass this on if you can!


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