The Sleeping Princess – London and Edinburgh

TL;DR – The Sleeping Princess is coming to the Edinburgh Fringe, and there are two final preview shows in London this week! Details below ūüôā

Well, the months roll on and this blog is still pretty quiet – between working on the show and dealing with a hefty dose of personal / health-related stuff, I hope you’ll understand that my energy’s been needed elsewhere.

Still! The Sleeping Princess (alongside Fay Robert’s beautiful The Selkie)¬†has now been to London, Oxford, Cambridge (as part of the In Other Words literary festival) and Stony Stratford (as part of the Stony Live! festival), and I’ve been delighted by the reception. The good people of Cambridge even got some great¬†shots of me performing! (I get very anxious about pictures of myself, so believe me when I say it’s a big compliment that I’m sharing them here…)

And things are¬†heating up even more – I’m taking The Sleeping Princess up for the first week of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival,¬†as part of the Spoken Word contingent of PBH’s Free Fringe. I’ll be performing at Silk (Venue 444) at 21:45, from the 6th to the 13th (except the 10th).¬†I’m not listed on the official Fringe website because of the high cost and early deadline, but I’ll be in the Free Fringe’s Wee Blue Book ūüôā

I’ve also got two shows on in London this week:

Thursday 14th at the Dogstar, Brixton, as part of¬†Stand Up Tragedy’s¬†Edinburgh previews season. Doors 19:30, Rosie Wilby’s show The Conscious Uncoupling begins at 20:00, and I’m on at 21:15. I’m really excited about this one – I love the Dogstar and have many great memories of¬†it both as a performer and spectator, plus I’m looking forward to hearing Rosie’s show. The Dogstar also¬†does fantastic pizza, so come early and get dinner with your drinks! Unfortunately the Dogstar’s performance space¬†is upstairs, so wheelchair-users may wish to direct their attention to the second performance below…

Saturday 16th at the Poetry Cafe, Soho. Doors 19:00, an open mic begins at 19:15, and I’ll be on directly after the open mic. I’d love to hear other people’s magic-infused poems and stories, so if you’ve got something to share¬†then please do bring it!¬†This was the place where Fay and I debuted our shows back in April, so it feels fitting to finish by returning there. It’s a lovely, cosy venue, serving¬†cake, soup, and a range of delicious drinks both hot and cold. The performance space is accessible via a lift.

So those are my upcoming shows. Hooray! Hopefully see you there?

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