‘She Was’ in False Moustache #1 (February 2012)
‘Hair’ in Stone Telling #7 (April 2012) [read] [review]
‘She Was’ in The Moment of Change (Aqueduct Press, May 2012) [buy] [review]
‘Hair’ in Here, We Cross (Stone Bird Press, May 2012) [buy] [review]
‘Old Rhymes: A Hypothetical Interview’ in Catechism: Poems for Pussy Riot (English PEN, October 2012) [download] [buy] [reviews: 1, 2]
(‘Old Rhymes’ has been translated into Russian here)
Hair’ in The 2013 Rhysling Anthology (SFPA, June 2013) [buy]
‘Men’s Seas’ in A Jar of Queer Feelings (Queer Owl Publications, December 2013) [buy]
‘The Book Remembers’ in Verse Kraken #2 (March 2014) [listen] [read]
‘Moll Cutpurse, The Accused’ in Other Countries: Contemporary Poets Rewiring History (December 2014) [buy]
‘Gender Rubble’ in Poems for the Queer Revolution (forthcoming)


‘On Fairies and Marriage’ in False Moustache #1 (February 2012)
‘Margaret Cavendish: SFF’s Forgotten Ancestress’ in Holdfast Magazine #1 (October 2013) [read]
‘Two Chapters’ in Queer in Brighton (New Writing South, February 2014) [read] [buy]
‘White Shirt’ in Women in Clothes (Penguin, forthcoming)

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