BA (First) English Language and Literature, King’s College London, 2008-11
MA (Distinction) Sexual Dissidence in Literature and Culture, University of Sussex, 2011-12

My research interests are many and varied, and include: queer and feminist theories, monstrosity, abjection, embodiment, orality, mythology and fairytales. Refusing to be tied to one literary period, I’ve chased my interests all over the place: from discourses of shame/abjection in 20th century understandings of menstruation all the way back to monstrous bodies in Anglo-Saxon poetry, via queerness in modernism, nineteenth century sexology and literature, and constructions of the Other in Early Modern texts. I am not currently pursuing a PhD, but am continuing my academic research and writing with/around my other writing projects wherever possible.

Academia.EDU profile

Papers delivered:

Other Sexes, Other Trees, Other Skies: Virginia Woolf’s Genderqueer Legacy
University of Sheffield, ‘Troubling Gender: The Question of Multiple Identities’
Panel on ‘Sexualities and Queer Identities’ – 24th May 2013

Lashings of Ginger Beer Time: Radical Queer Feminist Burlesque Collective
University of Sussex, ‘Queer, Feminist and social media praxis’
Combination of performance, talk, and workshop – 17th May 2013

“I tell you, I was a genuine boy”: Transmasculinity in the fin-de-siècle
University of Birmingham, ‘Roles: Gender and Sexuality Conference
Panel on “Exploring Non-Binary, Queer, Trans*” – 10th May 2013

Imagining Androgyny: Approaching Genderqueer Literary Historiography
University of Warwick, ‘Spotlight on: Genderqueer
Panel on ‘Genderqueer Historiography’ – 29th April 2013

‘Inversion and Recursion: The Spatial Politics of The Blazing-World’
Oxford Brookes University, ‘Mapping the Self’ Symposium
Panel on ‘Genre, Nationality, and Self’ – 15th December 2012

‘Menarche Now! Menstruation, Shame, and Queer Interventions’
University of Warwick, ‘Centre for the Studies of Women and Gender’ Seminar Series
Seminar 1: ‘Queer Time, Queer Representations’ – 14th November 2012

Events organised:

Trans* Education and Determination – 20th May 2011
Open-access community conference, organised in response to the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ event ‘Transgender: Time to Change’. Analysis and recordings are available here and here. This event was organised and facilitated by an informal coalition of activists, academics and students, myself included.

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