Talks and Workshops

I have five years of experience (through student union positions and independent endeavours) in delivering talks and facilitating workshops on feminism, LGBQ sexuality, and transgender identities, both in terms of present-day practicalities and historical contexts. Recent talks and workshops include ‘Feminism and Transgender: A History’ (7th March) as part of Sussex University’s programme of events in the lead-up to International Women’s Day, and the ‘Trans 101’ sessions at the Student Feminist Conference 2013 (24th February) and NUS Women’s Campaign Conference 2013 (6th March). Forthcoming workshops include ‘Transgender Representation in Student Media’ at the Autumn ULU Liberation Conference (9th November) and ‘Magic and Mythmaking: (re)writing queer and feminist fairytales’ at LaDIYfest Sheffield 2013 (30th November).

I am available as a speaker and a facilitator for events and organisations within the UK: email helgurney [at] gmail [dot] com.

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