Verse Kraken – issue #2 launch, 3rd April!

I’m very excited to announce that my piece “The Book Remembers” is being published in the second issue of Verse Kraken, the self-described “journal of hybrid art”. “The Book Remembers” was written in response to the prompt “palimpsest” – it’s drawn from the translation work I’ve done on the Exeter Book, one of the few surviving compendia of Anglo-Saxon verse, and is an exploration not only of what a palimpsest might sound like, but of the different sorts of memories it holds. The full table of contents from Issue 2 has been announced here – I’m really looking forward to reading/viewing/watching/hearing the rest of the pieces!

The launch party is on April 3rd at the Dogstar, where I and other contributors will be presenting our work. The launch party for the first issue was excellent fun – as well as readings there were ample opportunities for attendees to contribute creatively, and it had a very friendly atmosphere. I’ve written about it here. The launch event may be your only chance to pick up the physical edition of the magazine, which – as before – will be a limited run of beautifully-made hard copies. Can’t make it? Fear not – the online edition is free!


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